Find Free Campsites And Parking

Test post……..Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the best apps that can help you find free campsites and parking spots in Canada, USA and Mexico for your camper van.

On a recent trip through eastern Canada we stayed at several campsites to save money.  The rates were relatively cheap from $18 to $35 per night.  Over two weeks, however, that still added up to about $400.  Towards the end of our trip we met Katie from Florida who was travelling in a ProTrek van and she showed us how we could’ve saved money by staying at free public camping sites and parking spots.

Katie suggested iOverlander and and, sure enough, multiple sites came up along our route that we could’ve taken advantage of.  These apps and websites have varying levels of information, some are mainly geared towards RV travel, some are free, some charge a fee.  So I thought I would do a detailed comparison of these apps and websites to compile their advantages and disadvantages, so people can choose which one would work best for them.  These are extremely useful tools that will help you plan out your travelling route and save you quite a bit of cash.

Here’s the list of apps and websites I looked at, which is far from inclusive.  I stuck to the ones that work on both Apple and Android devices and those that covered Canada and Mexico, in addition to the USA.

No compensation or incentive of any kind has been received from any of the product developers listed below.

Table Apps 9

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Low Price Higher Price
Butane Heater $43 Camplux JK-1000 $57 Double Coherent
Catalytic Heater $200 Camco 57331 $260 Camco 57341
Diesel Heater $128 MXR $180 Superfastracing
Electric Blanket $35 Sojoy 12v $90 Electrowarmth
Hot Water Bottle $6 Harbour Housewares $12 Attmu
Propane Furnace $355 Suburban 2438ABK $508 Suburban 2398A
Propane Heater $32 Texsport $70 Mr. Heater F232000
Sleeping Bag $53 Teton Trailhead -7C/20F $140 Teton Mammoth -18C/0F
Wood Stove $340 Cubic CB-1008 $400 Dickenson Newport









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