If you’re living in northern latitudes and will be living in your van during the winter, you will want to make sure your vehicle stays warm.  The camper van insulation options listed below cover a variety of products and prices.  I’ve survey the pros and cons of each to allow you to narrow things down to what best fits your needs.

This post contains affiliate links.  However, no additional compensation or incentive of any kind has been received from any of the product developers listed below.  The opinions below are objective and unbiased.

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Product Links (prices subject to change)

$/sq ft $/R-value Product
Blown-In Foam $4/can Great Stuff 16 oz. can
Denim $1.15 $0.25 Ultra Touch R-6.7
EPS Polystyrene $0.49 $0.11 R-Tech  4 x 8′ x 1″
XPS Polystyrene $0.63 $0.12 Foamular 150  4 x 8′ x 1″
EZ Cool $1.10 CarInsulation.com
Fiberglass $0.62 $0.18 EcoTouch R-15  93 x 15″
Polysio $0.62 $0.10 Rmax Thermasheath 4×8′ x 1″
Reflectix $0.42 $0.13 Reflectix 25′ x 48″
Thinsulate $2.94 $0.51 3M Thinsulate 10′ x 60″
Wool $2.22 $0.60 Black Mountain 16′ x 14.5″









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