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Detailed Disclosure:

AffordableCamperVanConversion.com is here to provide you with sufficient information so you can decide for yourself which is the best product, service or construction/installation procedure suitable for you. To this end we offer reviews and opinions on a variety of products and How-To construction guides. However, it is up to you to determine if our suggestions are appropriate for you and your camper van needs. 

Our posts contain embedded affliate links that connect you with a seller’s website. If you buy a product after clicking our affiliate links, you will be buying it through the affiliate website you are directed to, not through AffordableCamperVanConversion.com. If you go ahead with the purchase, the affiliate website will pay us a commission ranging from 4 to 9 percent, depending on the product. You are not charged any extra fees if you buy something after clicking on an affiliate link.


For us, though, your purchase through an affiliate link is a sign of support for our website, the information we provide and shows that our research has been of help to you. For that we are greatly appreciative and we offer you a great big Thank You!!!


The prices posted on our site are subject to change, as we are not able to always update the prices if they change on the linked affiliate website. The price you see on the affiliate website is final and is beyond our control. Should you have any issues or disputes with the product, affiliate website or manufacturer, you have to discuss it with the affiliate website’s customer support or directly with the product manufacturer. We have no influence or recourse on any customer service issues.

Before committing to any purchase, you should confirm the product details, warranty and return policy with the affiliate website or product manufacturer. Be aware of any shipping, handling fees, taxes or possible customs duties that might be applicable in your jurisdiction. These additional fees and taxes are not reflected in the prices shown on our website.

The views we offer on the products discussed in our posts are our personal opinions, not of the manufacturer or affiliate website. Our reviews are always unbiased and objective, whether or not we receive any income, compensation or incentive from the manufacturer or affiliate website. Full disclosure will be made if we have received any incentive or compensation over and above the income derived from affiliate links. This additional compensation may include, but not limited to, free products for review, paid endorsements or advertisement revenue.

The product information, installation instructions and construction methods published on AffordableCamperVanConversion.com are based on hundreds of hours of research or our own personal experiences with the products or procedures. Any product reviews we present are with products we bought and used ourselves, unless otherwise stated. We will disclose if a product has been supplied to us for review purposes but, regardless, the supplied product will go through the same strict, unbiased review process as if we bought it ourselves.

Where we have no direct experience with the products discussed in our posts, the information presented is derived from numerous sources we believe to be accurate and reliable. This includes manufactures’ manuals, product websites, user forums, product reviews and discussions with certified electricians, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers and other qualified individuals.

In “The Build” section of our website, we present installation or construction methods that we employed on our camper van conversion build out. These methods are based on our research and draw on examples from other camper van conversion projects readily available on the internet. Even though these techniques work for us, there’s no guarantee that these techniques will work for you. We are not certified carpenters, mechanics, plumbers or electricians. So please carry out additional research as you see fit in order to make sure that our suggested products and techniques will meet your desired objectives.

You should contact the product manufacturer directly to ensure you are adhering to proper installation and safety procedures. Extra safety measures should be taken when dealing with electrical and propane systems, as any mistakes could not only result in serious damage to your vehicle but also cause physical injury (or worse) to yourself or anyone in the vicinity of the work being done. We will not be held liable for any products, installation and construction methods we suggest and you choose to undertake. Ultimately, the decision is solely yours as to how you proceed with you camper van conversion project.

AffordableCamperVanConversion.com is owned by PnR Ventures, which is solely responsible for all content posted. Permission is granted for personal, non-commercial use and to repost on social media outlets, as long as credit is given to AffordableCamperVanConversion.com. Nevertheless all content, including images, photos, videos, tables and spreadsheets are copyright protected. Express written permission is required if you want to use any content on your personal website or for commercial purposes including, but not limited to, e-books, physical books, magazine articles, videos and any form of mass physical or electronic distribution through subscription lists or any other means.

(Even though it may be self evident, in the above disclosure “we”, “our” or “us” implicitly refers to AffordableCamperVanConversion.com and PnR Ventures.)



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