10 Best free camping parking apps for RV or campervan travel.
We look at 10 free camping apps that will find campsites near you or find free overnight parking.

Test post……..You can find free camping while you’re on the road in a campervan or RV by using various apps.  There’s quite a few of them out there, but here we’re going to focus on the 10 best free camping and parking apps that can help you find camping and parking sites in USA, Canada and Mexico and that are available on all devices.  The main things I want to know are:

On a recent trip through eastern Canada we stayed at several campsites to save money.  The rates were relatively cheap from $18 to $35 per night.  But over two weeks that still added up to about $400.  Towards the end of our trip we met Katie from Florida who was travelling in a RoadTrek van and she showed us how we could’ve saved money by staying at free public camping sites and parking spots, a practice referred to as boondocking.

Katie suggested iOverlander and freecampsites.net and, sure enough, multiple sites came up along our route that we could’ve taken advantage of.  These free camping and parking apps have varying levels of information.  Some are mainly geared towards RV travel, some are free, some charge a fee.  So I thought I would do a detailed comparison of these apps and websites to compile their advantages and disadvantages, so people can choose which one would work best for them.  These are extremely useful tools that will help you plan out your travelling route and save you quite a bit of cash.

Here’s the list of apps and websites I looked at, which is far from inclusive.  I stuck to the ones that work on both Apple and Android devices and those that covered Canada and Mexico, in addition to the USA.

No compensation or incentive of any kind has been received from any of the product developers listed below.

Best camper van camping parking apps

Links to above apps and websites:

BoonDockersWelcome.com ParkAdvisor.com
Campendium.com park4night.com
TheDyrt.com RVparky.com
FreeCampsites.net ca.Wikicamps.co
FreeRoam.app usa.Wikicamps.co


Free Camping Parking Apps Comparison

Common Features

Most of the apps we looked at cover most of the USA and Canada.  Only a few cover Mexico.

Disadvantages & Short Comings

Some of these camping and parking apps are only web-based.

Standout Features

Only some of these free camping & parking apps we looked at include sites in Mexico.



ACVC’s top picks…..

Our pick for the best camping & parking apps is tied between Free Roam and iOverlander.


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Free camping parking apps sites found


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