Defying Normal
Good overview of buying options for all aspects of a camper van conversion.  Published book Van Dwelling Basics:  How to Live in a Van on Any Budget (2016).

Do It Yourself RV
Installation guide, furniture ideas, travelling tips.

Far Out Ride
Great documentation of a Canadian couple’s two year adventure in a van, the good and bad.

Gnomad Home
Comprehensive camper van conversion guide with lots of good tips.

Odyssey Camper Van
Lots of great money saving ideas and hacks that can be applied to any camper van project.

Parked In Paradise
Comprehensive, authoritative website with useful solar and power calculators.

Spin The Globe Project
Simple, practical conversion guide with helpful low budget ideas.

Van Dog Dweller
Great UK conversion van guide with two inspirational books: Van To Home (2016) and Live In A Van (2017).



Battery Stuff
Comprehensive guide all things related to batteries.

Battery University
Authoritative source with lots of technical info on batteries.

Jump Starter Expert
Truly an ultimate guide to everything you’ll ever need to know about jump starters.

Mobile Solar Power
Very authoritative guide to installing a solar panel system on your van.  Published book Mobile Solar Power Made Easy (2017)

Progressive Dynamics Concise description of how a lead acid battery works and how to properly charge it.

Solar City
Good overview of lithium batteries and their chemistry.

Solar Loco
Off-grid DIY Solar guide.



Caravaners Forum
UK forum very informative, helpful, applicable to North America.

Cheap RV Living
New and veteran RVer’s and camper van owners with lots of tips.  Friendly, helpful forum.

Ford Transit USA Forum
Very good group, informative, helpful, friendly, covering all issues.

Power Talk Forum
All things electrical with lots of good info and advice.

Solar Panel Forum
Very informative, detailed info on solar power systems for home and mobile systems.

Sprinter Source
Great camper van conversion info, applicable to more than just Sprinter vans.

Stack Exchange Network
Great car repair and maintenance advice, including electrical systems.



The Reality of #vanlife
Good DIY documentary with numerous interviews, exploring pros and cons.

#vanlife With No Filter
Realistic view of one Canadian couple’s experience living in a van.

Van Boom (2018) by Sergei Boutenko
Sprinter sponsored video with decent interviews and unbiased analysis.

Van Lifers – A Portrait of Alternate Lifestyle
Profiles of mainly UK & European van dwellers, all good stories, nice scenery.

Without Bound – Perspectives on Mobile Living by Michael Tubs
Excellent inspirational interviews with veterans of the van and RV lifestyle.